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Harper & Harley x M&E Competition | "Blue Print"

Thursday, August 23, 2012

 Gee! to the Oh! Our gorgeous Spring guest blogger Harper & Harley was born to rock jade & geometrics.

She wears our Lapis Short and Ruby Shirt in Geo Print available now on our E-Boutique.

See Sara's full post here.

To celebrate Harper & Harley as our Guest Blogger through July & August 
we're offering 4 x $500 gift vouchers to our friendly followers.
Comment on this blogpost & tell us why you're 'gasping over Geo Print' in 
Sara's "Diamond Life" look for your chance to win a $500 gift voucher.

The winner of this voucher will be announced on our blog and facebook in the last week of August 2012, 
so be sure to 'Like' our facebook page and follow closely!

Thank you to Harper & Harley for being part of our Diamond Life adventure for Spring 2012



Stephanie Hurd commented on 24-Aug-2012 09:17 AM
This would be the perfect way to pull off pastels if you are over 30 like me, the black really breaks it up and it is such a fabulous print. The overall look is giving me inspiration for my lounge as well, those colours and prints would be perfect.
morganedavison commented on 24-Aug-2012 09:18 AM
yay first comment! the reason im gasping all over M&E diamond print is not only from the awesome tonal range but the innovative design lines and simplicity of the pieces while still being able to grab your attention and the hints of print. love it!
Tracey Lapin commented on 24-Aug-2012 09:19 AM
I have been drooling over this gorgeous print all week and now that today is my birthday i'm heading to the e-boutique to buy myself a gift! The colours together are awesome!
Claire commented on 24-Aug-2012 09:22 AM
I'm loving the peppermint greens, icy blues and crisp whites of the new collection! It's perfect for keeping it fresh and cool for summer :)
Jess Carmichael commented on 24-Aug-2012 09:23 AM
Gasping because these are the perfect pieces to compliment the 15 kilos I just lost! Perfect way to show off my new body ;)
Sara Mansour commented on 24-Aug-2012 09:25 AM
This look has taken sports chic to a whole new level of AMAZING.The print is so bold and unique, even without looking at it I would know its a M&E piece. I think we can all agree Sara is beautiful, but theres something so effortless about the way the clothes
look on her.. I've fallen in love with it all.. the colours, the prints, the fit.. ahhhh
Amy commented on 24-Aug-2012 09:26 AM
I'm gasping over how the Geo Print in Sara's Diamond Life seemingly reminds me of the 80s, however being a contemporary and updated interpretation presented in an amazing colour scheme! I love the combination of flat-coloured geometric shapes with the
simplistic, visually textured 'dash' pattern. The Geo Print is a marriage between sophistication and fun and plainly looks amazing.
Hayley Causer commented on 24-Aug-2012 09:34 AM
These geometric patterns are to die for! The contemporary colour scheme brings out the summer girl in us all! I can't wait to be rocking this look, all season long!
Andrada Bancila commented on 24-Aug-2012 09:50 AM
Hi to you all, I am totally in love with Maurie & Eve prints. I discovered the brand recently. I bought about 2 months ago Bowie pants with similar pattern and have to admit that I am totally addicted; always try to match them with something else because
I just need to wear them almost everyday ;). Checking the new collection I've seen the new designs and together with this look in particular, I have to admit it get'S me crazy in love. I love the fact that looks so casual and loose but at the same time elegant
and feminine. The colors together with the cut and the fabric make this outfit wearable no matter the moment of day or reason: Holidays, early breakfast, party or office. This is just what you need when you are the type of person that NEEDS to mark the difference,
promote the original without forgetting quality and comfort. ''Geo print'' in need you in my autumn wardrobe!!! Kisses and Hugs from Barcelona!! Andrada
Jessica Rodgers commented on 24-Aug-2012 09:51 AM
I'm gasping over this look because teaming a top and bottom with matching print can be a difficult thing to do 'right' but Sara does it effortlessly, adding a basic black strappy heel to implant her own luxurious and sophisticated feel into these amazing
pieces! The print elevates the look to a whole new level, being distinctive and attention-grabbing while still feeling chic and so on-trend. I would love the opportunity to be bold and express myself in some gorgeous matching M&E prints just like Sara!
Sarah Fuller commented on 24-Aug-2012 09:51 AM
The Geo print incorporates two current trends, pastels and prints. I love it because I'm too afraid to wear most prints or pastels but the way it has been done here is the perfect amount of both. I can also see this being a look that you could wear to
work or just a fun day out. It's amazing:)
amelia reuter commented on 24-Aug-2012 09:59 AM
Possibly the best sports chic look I have seen all season . The geometric print and blue tones of navy and ice blue are an amazing combination . Sara looks beautiful its simple and chic.Its the perfect effortless spring summer look . Loving Maurie and
Eve's new collection !
Stefani C commented on 24-Aug-2012 10:00 AM
More than gasping over M&E geo print it is clearly for those who want to walk life's runway in the limelight! The pastel colors contrasted with the black and white are so effortlessly stylish.....combined with the classy structure it compliments EVERY
body shape - this is what true designers embrace! These geometric prints are definitely solving my fashion equations!!
Rachel Carter commented on 24-Aug-2012 10:01 AM
I'm 'gasping over the geo print' in Sara's look because it's simply, cool. I'm all about relaxed, effortlessly cool outfits that still have that 'put together' look! And a matching short and top outfit? Consider me absolutely sold!
kristina commented on 24-Aug-2012 10:01 AM
the tailoring of this season is amazing. maurie and eve are moving towards a more fashion forward look. the geo print in Sara's "diamond life" look demonstrates the precision and accuracy in which maurie and eve have created a line which can be dressed
up or down and can suit a variety of personalities. it's nice to see a brand develop over the past years and although remain distinctive, produce a variety of different styles and prints- all which have been of an amazing standard.
Kayla Lu commented on 24-Aug-2012 10:13 AM
Growing up, I didn't have a lot to wear. We didn't have enough money to buy fancy designer clothes. One day I was op-shopping and found this embellished singlet from Maurie & Eve. Since then, I could say i have literally worn it for a year. Maurie & Eve
was such an inspirational brand, that lead me in the path of fashion. Right now, i am studying fashion and couldn't help but remember that this started when i was op-shopping. This season brings alot of light and dark colours and I love brinigng in the minty
greens into the mix. I just love the combination and the matching top and shorts work on so many levels.
Krystal Gray commented on 24-Aug-2012 10:16 AM
I'm gasping because it's gorgeous, like nothing I've ever seen before. I have only just discovered the beautiful Maurie & Eve label this season and my credit card has already taken a bashing. The fabrics look and feel amazing and prints like the geo are
so pretty, feminine and unique. I received the geo pant in the mail today, the fit is so relaxed and I can just see myself hanging down at the beach with them when the weather warms up!
Georgina commented on 24-Aug-2012 10:24 AM
Long sleeves, short skirt and a sexy sailors peekaboo panel; with matching prints. Its a match made in diamond heaven. Oozing such style, is an easy way of saying complicated things :) X
Claire van der List commented on 24-Aug-2012 10:26 AM
I'm gasping over the collection due to its innovative use of geometry which is standout but not unwearable. It's a step away from the traditional florals for spring but retains the lighthearted and colourful palate that compliments the change in the weather.
Brittany MC commented on 24-Aug-2012 10:32 AM
Im gasping over geoprint because it is such a new and fresh idea! The combination of the crisp colours and sharp bold shapes and lanes make this ensemble irresistible. I would love to have a piece of this collection in my wardrobe!
Wendy Washbourne commented on 24-Aug-2012 10:34 AM
Almost hyperventilating over the ruby shirt, I love how Sara has paired it with the lapis shorts and simple accesories. Inspirational look for my style book. Geo print will be a key focus for my wardrobe this season, thanks Sara and M & E for sharing your
elegance and style. LOVE M & E
Kirby Phillips commented on 24-Aug-2012 10:56 AM
What do you wear to an upcoming wedding in Tuscany? M&E Geo of course! Polished, airy and bright - the perfect mix of sophistication and fun!
Elise Crossman commented on 24-Aug-2012 11:06 AM
The GEO print is my favourite print of the collection, it shows effortless style which will stand out and is like the modern version of patchwork!
Kellie Pearce commented on 24-Aug-2012 11:08 AM
I normally loathe printed garments, I think mainly because I've never found anything in print that I have absolutely loved. But the past few Maurie and Eve collections have changed my life! The only printed garment I own in my entire wardrobe in the Madison
long sleeve dress in ikat, which I still drool over! I love Maurie and Eve's prints, they are absolutely stunning. The Geo print is no exception, these colours together are a perfect marriage, I especially love the mint/jade green colour. I have been checking
the Maurie and Eve e-boutique like a hawk just waiting for the Geo print to arrive! Deciding what to get in this divine print is another story! Maurie and Eve has totally converted me to a print lover xxx
Coleen Wright commented on 24-Aug-2012 11:18 AM
LOVE LOVE LOVE...I've just ordered the Zircon Pipe Dress and my wardrobe could totally do with more Geo print. Absolutely stunning! x

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