INTERVIEW, April 14th 2020


She’s the salt kissed ray of sunshine we love to love. Australian model Anna Feller is no stranger to the Maurie + Eve lens, and here features in our new Core Classics collection, Unwind. We chat to the mother and muse on co-parenting in #ISO, new fitness regimes and the recipe that brings her closer to the sun.

Q: What have you found most challenging about the current climate and isolation regulations, and how have you been managing this as a mother and businesswoman?  

A: While I arise most mornings feeling as though it’s all a bad dream, I have chosen to take the positive road and re-train my thoughts. Of course some days are harder than others. Co-parenting in a pandemic is something I’ve never considered, and to be honest, it has proved challenging so far. It’s a new way of life for everyone and I am just taking the positive from every situation that comes our way. I feel blessed to be surrounded by women dedicated to the dream of stepping out of isolation as creators with a higher conscience. Daily chats with my circle of girlfriends are definitely helping mw through it all.

Q: Any highlight home activities with your beautiful son? 

A: Cooking, storytelling, scavenger hunts and cuddling. It has been absolute heaven spending time together. 

Q: How do you segregate work and relaxation when confined to the one space?

A: Bless it, bathe in it, dance in it, sage it and do it all again!

Q: What are you missing the most about your pre-isolation lifestyle, and what are you most looking forward to when life as we knew it, is reinstated?

A: Hugging my friends, eating in restaurants, seeing the world, knowing I can get on a plane and go anywhere, at any time. Open schools, swimming in the sea that beckons from my front door.

Q: How has your fitness regime changed - what is the new routine? 

A: Its been difficult bringing it back to home workouts (as I prefer class environments), but I’ve been practicing Creature Yoga Byron Bay, skipping on my roof and enjoying any opportunity to sneak outside for some solo fresh air … I’ve been walking for miles. I walked for 5hours straight the other day!

Q: Your at-home indulgence? 

A: Hardboiled eggs, straight up avocado with extra virgin olive oil, lemon juice and rock salt. Caviar at any given time, Epsom salt baths and Dr. Barbara Sturm face masks. 

Q: Album/artist on repeat?

A: Drama or Bob Marley interviews (always positive).

Q: Recipes on high rotation?

A: I have been cooking non-stop! I have always found so much happiness in the kitchen and when I worked on Wilder (my children’s holistic lifestyle site) I was basically making food and recipes full-time. Since modelling again, it has been non-stop on the road and I'd really just ceased cooking (unless for my son and that is usually all about what he wants to eat!). While spending time with his dad through isolation I have been indulging cooking for one. The below recipe is my favourite meal … I feel that eating orange foods brings you closer to the sun, which in turn brings instant happiness!

Roast in a bone broth for 1.5 hours @ 180d:

2 x sweet potatoes

2 x kipfler potatoes

2 x yellow carrots

1 x knob of ginger

2 x tiny onions

1 x skinned lemon


1 x cup organic coconut milk

1 tbsp green curry paste

1 x tsp freshly grated tumeric

1 x cup hot vegetable broth

1 x tsp Celtic salt

Blitz and serve!

Q: What are you currently reading and/or streaming?

A: Women Who Run With the Wolves and road trip playlists my girlfriends have made for me (when I travel to see Banjo).

Q: Ultimate Maurie + Eve #WFH piece?

A: The new Kimono Set in Lemon!

Q: And favourite Maurie + Eve loungewear piece(s)?

A: The Nomade Knit and Pant in Tan and Darius Dress (worn as a shirt) with the Kelso Pant (both in natural).


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