GIVE BACK, May 15th 2020

Elevate heart and home with a handmade African Kiondo (basket). Every purchase helps poverty stricken African families forge a brighter, more sustainable future.

There’s one thing guaranteed to make you feel good in life, and that’s helping those who need it most, no strings attached. So we're proud stockists of the Bibi & Me Pinstripe M+E Kiondo Basket. Who’s this helping (other than home interiors and beach style)? We’re glad you asked!

Bibi & Me is a social impact brand created by So They Can, a not for profit organization working with local communities and governments to empower African women and children living in poverty. This is achieved through improved learning conditions, teacher training and development, child wellbeing and health programs.

With women’s empowerment a key focus, So They Can created Bibi & Me with the objective of generating opportunity to work and provide living essentials such as food, shelter and education (all the things we take for granted), ultimately building a more sustainable future for their family.

And this is where these beautiful handwoven kiondos come in! Made in Kenya with artisan skills handed down by bibi’s (grandmother’s) over many generations, a kiondo is an African handbag #madebyhand from indigenous sisal, and can take up to 4 full days to complete. No two are the same, with each bringing unlimited styling potential for you and your home.

When you purchase a Bibi & Me product, you’re partaking in the true meaning of giving. Your beautiful new product directly benefits the So We Can artisans, their families and importantly, their future.

We are so proud to stock these special style accents and hope you enjoy yours as we do ours.