HOW TO: LOUNGE, May 20th 2020

The new home hub for work, rest and play, lift your lounge status with styles all about that cool comfort. Here, we list our Top 5 Loungewear styles and the recliners to suit. 

1. The Nomade Knit

This best selling set is just the right amount of relaxed and ‘ready for anything.’ Long sleeves keep it cosy, while a barely there flare and cheeky ankle split ensure the 70s vibes are high.

Best Paired: With an Eames Loungechair and Ottomon in White (as pictured below). The real deal will surely break your budget, but the replicas are aplenty!

2. The Take Me Away Dress

This oversized kick back classic is a 100% crushed cotton favourite just perfect for the ladies #WFH, hosting or regenerating. 

Best Paired: With a costal loving rattan piece. Style with soft tonal accents for max comfort. 

3. The Mantra Pant

100% textured cotton with an elastic waist and adjustable rope cord, these are the ultimate loungers. Adjust as the day goes on. 

Best Paired: With something  equally cool, white and free flowing. A clean canvas for new ideas.


The quiet creative, our Kerala Set in Clearwater combines business and pleasure in a set as low key as it is lush. The ultimate host and only way to hibernate, this set is an #ISO must-have.

Best Paired: Settle in with a textured armchair framed by books. 


5. The Indus Kimono Set

Like Bianca Jagger arriving to a boutique Moroccan hotel circa 1972, this set is the statement in laid-back-luxe. Move from meeting to margaritas with little effort and ample elegance. 

Best Paired: With something tonal, lush and vintage inspired. A serious vibe.