SUSTAINABILITY, April 20th 2020

In honour of Earth Day, we reflect on the magic that is our first sustainable collection, Nature in Balance. 

And so comes the onset of another Australian summer. The sweet scent of jasmine, barefoot strolls and a potent sense of pleasure - shifting shades of blue, scalloped coastlines and the feeling that the world is truly at your feet, that anything is possible. It is these memories you will find carefully woven into our first sustainable collection, Nature in Balance. A minimalist movement mindful of the world around us, the story is effortless, breathable and raw to the finish - 100% organic cotton the cloth of choice. Vintage inspired prints and panelled lace embody childhoods past while the open back blouse salutes the women of now: strong, sensual, spirited. The palette speaks to the landscape we call home, unapologetically tonal - a natural canvas open to interpretation. Designed for long travels, the deepest love and a fight for the future, this is Nature in Balance.

100% Cotton Goya Bandeau + Skirt