The resort’s commitment to the future and the people defining it is unparalleled - values, effort and ingenuity we aspire to emulate as a brand and community of our own.  

Winners of the President of the Maldives' Green Resort Award, WTTC Tourism for Tomorrow Award, Global Tourism Business, and HICAP Sustainable Hotel Awards Corporate Leadership Award (among many others!), Soneva Fushi are paving the way with constant initiatives geared to benefit climate and communities locally and abroad. 

With such a clear focus on sustainability, our latest campaign location had to meet the mindset, and so world leader in sustainable tourism, Soneva Fushi was the place. 


The resort works tirelessly to improve their carbon footprint through energy efficiency, tree plantations, local resources and so on. Acknowledging the biggest impacts of a typical stay are caused by air travel, the resort has gone so far as to dedicate 2% of room revenue to the self-established Soneva Carbon Sense Fund, driving the implementation of clean energy technologies to mitigate carbon emissions.

The Soneva Carbon Fund has already established a Wind Turbine Project in Tamil Nadu, India, forecasted to mitigate 70,000 tons of carbon over a 20-year period through the production of 80,000 Mega Watts of clean electricity. Impressive.


Looking to local communities, the launch of The Soneva Foundation continues to fund projects addressing social and environmental challenges including the Darfur Stoves Project (providing clean cook stoves to vulnerable families), and the Learn to Swim program for Maldivian children and mothers.

 And this is only the beginning.

We salute Soneva Fushi as they celebrate 20 years of sustainability, an inspirational effort driving us into 2020 and beyond.