At Maurie + Eve, we believe in love

Love for our family, friends and our valued Maurie + Eve community.

That's why we're working towards a more sustainable, more beautiful world for us all. We Want to transform the way fashion is produced, comsumed, worn and valued. In fact, we've been working on it for a while.

We've already saved 1,700 metric tonnes of plastic from landfill

We use only biodegradable eco-friendly packaging. As of 2019, Maurie + Eve is available exclusively online, and we've got big plans for the future too. Right now, we're working on a sustainable style hub called Maurie + Eve Marketplace where consumers like you can purchase pre-loved Maurie + Eve product.

Shop here and you’ll help ease the 6 tonnes of clothing hitting Australia landfill every 10 minutes

We want to be industry leaders, setting the benchmark for how fashion is produced. Our five-year plan includes the employment of manufacturing techniques to reduce wastage, plus use of only natural, cold wash fibers.

Total transparency, max accountability

We’re opening the doors wide open for you, the valued customer to see exactly how we operate. We will continue to work behind the scenes but the true power lay with you, the shopper. We encourage all Maurie + Eve consumers to shop sustainably – to vote with your dollar. The future will thank you for it.

As a member of ‘1% for the Planet’ we are committed to protecting our only home. Here at, Maurie + Eve we dedicate 1% of total sales to environmental non profit organizations, annually. Look good, fight for the future.