INTERVIEW, May 1st 2020 

In light of Mother's Day, MAURIE + EVE Co-Founder Kelly Davies-Green sits with Sydney skin mecca, MISS FRANC to discuss the journey of motherhood.

MF: Describe motherhood in one word. 

KDG: Beautiful Chaos (two words).

MF: For women considering/soon to enter motherhood, what words of advice can you share?

KDG: Know that the early days of motherhood are as challenging as they are joyful! In the beginning it can be wildly overwhelming and yet beautifully fulfilling all at once, a unique experience that can continue for decades. Starting a family is just as they say, life changing. With so many unknowns, preparation is difficult however the love you find is like nothing else, and will carry you through. Things can get messy, but do your best and go with the flow, that’s all you can do - embrace it and get comfortable in the chaos. Be present, the ‘little moments’ create big memories to last a lifetime. Trust your instincts and remember YOU, your health and wellbeing. Taking the time to look after yourself - mind, body and soul - are just as important, for all of you.

MF: The most precious thing your mother has taught you? 

KDG: My mother is a private woman with a warm loving nature. She is instinctively nurturing and a real earth Mumma. She has sunkissed skin all year round and smells like patchouli. Her gentle approach to the wild and wonderful ride of motherhood has taught me to be patient. I’ve lost count of the amount of times she has said to me  “just go with the flow Kel ... go with the flow”. So simple yet so true. 

MF: What values do you hope to instil in your three beautiful children? 

KDG: Gratitude, compassion, and respect are the three values our family live by - for ourselves, for others and the planet on which we live. For my children aged 5, 8 and 11, I am still their biggest teacher, and so make a conscious effort not to hide (too much of) myself. They have seen me succeed and importantly, they have seen me fall, stand up and try again.

MF: How have you noticed your skin change/evolve through motherhood, and how have you responded to this? 

KDG: Yes! Following the birth of my first daughter I noticed the typical pigmentation associated with pregnancy along with the settling of fine lines (due to sleep deprivation). That was 11 years ago and marked the beginning of my ‘real’ skin journey. Drinking 2 litres of water daily works to hydrate inside and out, and a good skincare regime (that’s easy and effective!) is truly essential. I like to explore different products, vitamins, elixirs and probiotics as well as living a balanced life such as enjoying vegetables and red wine. When time permits, a monthly facial keeps my skin journey on track and of course face protection from UV rays is a non-negotiable. Nature continues to prove my ultimate source for inner-glow, I love the way my skin feels after an ocean swim or Sunday afternoon nap. Bliss.

MF: One of your key products is Über Zinc by Synergie, why do you love this product and how does it make your skin feel?

KDG: Its soothing, creamy texture leaves my skin feeling hydrated and fresh. Some days I prefer not to wear make-up so the Über Zinc is the perfect light, natural base to protect my skin from UVA and UVB rays.

MF: Your favourite MISS FRANC treatment?

KDG: My skin is truly at its best following a MISS FRANC Byonik Laser Facial … the glow is undeniable! Repairing and protecting cells from the inside-out, the skin’s immune system is improved for maximum rejuvenation. The results are truly instant thanks to Hyaluronic Acid and antioxidants locking deep-down into the skin. Fine lines diminish, hydration is at a maximum and I feel amazing inside and out!


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