We believe in giving back to the ecosystems we so heavily rely 
on, and so invest a portion of our prosperity into organizations 
and projects that generate positive and measurable social and environmental impacts.

Now with a macro lens on our value chain, we pivot our strategy to nourish ideas and initiative showing direct impact on the land and humans that define it. To achieve this, we apply a multi-tiered approach:


Focusing on charities and initiates in our own backyard.


Understanding the true needs of our linked communities and investing in associated beneficial projects. Access to fresh water, waste systems, school
 ... the opportunities are endless.


Investing in R+D to improve social and environment factors associated with our operations. Think new fibre types or tech to mitigate our direct impacts.


Collaboration is key, and we are happy to join forces and partner with anyone who shares our vision.

In line with our love of accountability we will be disclosing all data linked to the above. Whom we are partnering with, how much we’ve invested, our strategy for community projects and so forth.