We design for now, tomorrow and travels to come. Garments cut not for seasons but a lifetime of love and adventure. Wear, share, repair, repeat.

Mother Nature will thank you for it.

Our Approach

We’re working towards a regenerative existence – this is our dream. To leave our world in a healthier state than when we found it. For our creations to energise and enrich the citizens, soil and air we breathe.

Rather than take, take, take- give, give, give.

Being Our Best

We are on a mission to inspire our community to re-connect, truly, madly deeply with the power Mother Earth: Love her, she loves you back.


The MAURIE AND EVE Peace Series Tees have become a year-long staple for Earth worshippers around the world, and in summer 2023, we re-launch into kids cuts with seven new prints to match yours. Crafted from all-organic cotton, the relaxed shape and soft touch ensure a comfort-led fit they’ll ask for time and again.
Every limited-edition Tee is hand printed with unique artwork from one of our ongoing global collaborators – playful illustrations in our favourite tones, and each with an important message to share. Preview Kids Tees online now.

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Golden Ratio

Summer, the divine proportion. When the elements align with our deepest desires. Warmth, spirituality, sensuality. Our strongest sense of self empowered to breathe; untamed, inherently feminine, curious with an optimistic heart. The balmy ocean like a healing elixir … an invitation to run, fall and resurface – renewed, reset, full of anticipation. Nature’s gentle life lessons ignited by the sun. Listen, dive in - harness your Golden Ratio.

List of Voyages

Like a best friend on a dim lit day, spring arrives with a bursting promise of love, light and renewal. The sun gains momentum, and we too uprise with energy, moving with force towards our dreams and destinations. Pack your list of voyages and open your thoughts to the people, places, and spaces to come. Warmth, happiness … freedom. It’s ours to take and bloom like wildflowers.