We design for now, tomorrow and travels to come. Garments cut not for seasons but a lifetime of love and adventure. Wear, share, repair, repeat.

Mother Nature will thank you for it.

Our Approach

We’re working towards a regenerative existence – this is our dream. To leave our world in a healthier state than when we found it. For our creations to energise and enrich the citizens, soil and air we breathe.

Rather than take, take, take- give, give, give.


Inspired by the shapes and textures of Mother Earth, all MAURIE AND EVE jewellery is hand-crafted in 925 Sterling Silver and 14K Gold Plating. Responsibly made by our team of highly skilled artisans, each piece can be worn alone as a statement, or stacked and layered for a personalised touch.

Featuring a selection of carefully carved necklaces, coin pendants, symbolic rings and organic metal formations, collection one speaks to our simple and seasonless aesthetic with the coast at its core.Designed locally in our Northern Beaches studio, discover MAURIE AND EVE jewellery online now.For now, tomorrow and travels to come … Wear, Share, Repair, Repeat.

Being Our Best

We are on a mission to inspire our community to re-connect, truly, madly deeply with the power Mother Earth: Love her, she loves you back.

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Oceans Apart

Though oceans apart, we remain interconnected. Beautifully perplex navigators of our own, inspired odyssey, we each follow the journey of the tides. Day after day, season-to-season, they roll in and out – universal indicators of time - morning and night - the rest and rise of the sun. Powerful and persistent. They remind us that another day is coming, time doesn’t stop - every minute one less chance for change. They remind us that the time is now; it’s always now. 

Sound of the Sea

We all have an ancient affinity with the sea. A goddess of sorts, her deep, vast, and mysterious nature draws parallels to our own. When wild, she can stimulate the sprits, bring strength and vitality. When calm, she asks us to untangle complexity, take rest and let go of the pain. A looping soundtrack for the soul. Her notes are timeless, wise and inspired. An evolving harmony for the course of life - its lifts and spirals, light and darkness. A fluctuating chalice of purification, peace and empowerment. Listen to her, she knows the way.