We design for now, tomorrow and travels to come. Garments cut not for seasons but a lifetime of love and adventure. Wear, share, repair, repeat.

Mother Nature will thank you for it.

Our Approach

We’re working towards a regenerative existence – this is our dream. To leave our world in a healthier state than when we found it. For our creations to energise and enrich the citizens, soil and air we breathe.

Rather than take, take, take- give, give, give.

Being Our Best

We are on a mission to inspire our community to re-connect, truly, madly deeply with the power Mother Earth: Love her, she loves you back.

Introducing M + E Rituals

With simplistic essentials and minimal environmental impact being at the core of Maurie and Eve's values, we introduce our new Lifestyle edit - Rituals.
Nurture self, style and activate health, mindfulness + a wealth of happiness with these must have everyday essentials.

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List of Voyages

Like a best friend on a dim lit day, spring arrives with a bursting promise of love, light and renewal. The sun gains momentum, and we too uprise with energy, moving with force towards our dreams and destinations. Pack your list of voyages and open your thoughts to the people, places, and spaces to come. Warmth, happiness … freedom. It’s ours to take and bloom like wildflowers. 

These Days

Life’s simplicities. The beautiful things that make living so sweet … love notes – the real ones, sketched imperfectly by the soul – the mood-breaking magic of bergamot, and yet another one-off piece by the setting sun. The moment you let your intuition rise and be heard with no reservations. Acting with spontaneity. Rediscovering a lyric and its rush of nostalgia … those days are these days, and so it continues as we ride this wave called life.