French illustrator, Agathe Marty is 'inspired by the sun'. Peruse her feed and press eject on reality as you enter the sunniest, most picturesque place on earth. Based in the South of France, her fondest childhood memories are from the cooling Mediterranean waters - a wash of nostalgia present in every piece of her perfect imperfection.
The mind behind our latest Oceans Apart print, we talk art, Bob Marley and her latest act of kindness. 

M & E: Whereabouts in France do you live, and how do your surroundings influence your work? 

AM: I live in the southern region of France (near Toulouse), but I'm lucky enough to travel regularly for work or leisure. While I was born here, I spent 4.5 years studying, living, and traveling through Australia when I was 21. 

Even before I began creating illustrations, the beauty of the South of France - particularly the Mediterranean and ocean shores - always captivated me. Being by the sea brings me immense joy; it's where I feel the happiest. 
The sunny, relaxed lifestyle of 'home' is what inspires me to travel. 

M & E: There is a sense of nostalgia that runs through your work. What are some of your fondest memories of summer growing up? 

AM: When I was a child, my family and I would spend every summer holiday on the northern coast of Spain, in Costa Brava. Our apartment was situated to face the sea, so stepping out the door meant immediate access to the beach. I recall spending entire days playing at the beach and cooling off in the tranquil Mediterranean waters. These memories continue to be a profound source of inspiration for me. 

M & E: When you think of your primary inspiration source - the sun - what words, feelings, colours and textures emerge for you?

AM: Warmth, energy, golden hues, optimism, brightness, smooth textures, happiness. 

M & E: Sunrise or sunset?

AM: I appreciate the sunrise for its unique charm - the gentle morning light, the tranquility as the world still sleeps. However, I must admit I am not a morning person! Therefore, I would have to choose the sunset - which is also very special. 

M & E: What does your perfect summer afternoon look like? 

AM: I'm close to the ocean, sitting outside in a cosy spot with a gentle breeze, surrounded by lush greenery while drawing and sketching. Did I mention that my perfect work uniform is swimwear?

M & E: You created our Oceans Apart print! Talk us through the process with Kelly, our designer, and how you arrived at this print. 

AM: I have a passion for designing patterns and illustrations inspired by the sun. For this project, the idea was to create a pattern/illustration that instantly evoked the essence of summer. When designing for clothing lines, I particularly enjoy incorporating soft, wavy lines. The designs came together effortlessly as I envisioned them coming to life on the fabric - visualising myself wearing them during summer holidays... haha! 

M & E: Your ultimate summer playlist? 

AM: Whenever the weather turns warm and sunny, it's Bob Marley playing in my ears. It has been this way for as long as I can remember... the perfect soundtrack to a relaxing bach nap in the shade. 

M & E: Last random act of kindness? 

AM: Planning a trip for my friend to Bali - my favourite place on Earth. 

M & E: Your next destination? 

AM: I'm currently writing these words from Bali, where I am spending a month. This is my fourth time to this beautiful island, and certainly not my last. Bali holds a special place in my heart; it's my favourite destination. There is a unique energy here that I find incredibly uplifting. Every time I'm on this island, I feel deeply relaxed, inspired, and filled with happiness. 

Agathe, 'inspired by the sun'. Photo credit to the incredible @yuli.art_ Agathe, 'inspired by the sun'. Photo credit to the incredible @yuli.art_

The ray of sunshine behind our latest print exclusive: Oceans Apart

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