Whats it all about?

Start earning money for your amazing content!

At M&E, we place a strong emphasis on expanding our social circle and meeting new people. The M&E Affiliate Program could be for you whether you run a blog, a YouTube channel, or simply update an active Instagram or Facebook profile.

How does the Maurie and Eve Affiliate Program work?

We're on the lookout for outstanding content producers who wish to associate with the Maurie and Eve brand and who share our values. By supporting slow fashion and sustainability, you'll aid us in sharing our vision of a better world through the content you produce. 

•We work with Commission Factory, an affiliate network and online platform that connects affiliates with advertisers through transparency and delivers reliable and accurate tracking.

•Commission Factory tracks all links and orders connected to the affiliate links you post, so that you receive your commission for each and every sale that you help us close.

Perks of becoming an Affiliate

• 7% commission rate per sale
• AOV over $150
• 30-day tracking period
• Access to exclusive affiliate promotions & banners.
• Opportunities for exclusive promos in exchange for exposure

How do I get started?

It's free to join the Maurie and Eve Affiliate Program and we offer a wide range of banners and regular promotions to help you promote Maurie and Eve. Apply below to enter our Affiliate Program, and, if accepted, you’ll be contacted with further details.