Breathe. Fill your lungs with escape … somewhere warm, remote, rustling with palm trees. The ocean and shore dance at your feet. He loves her. She loves him back. Freshly shucked oysters burst on the tongue - a wise accompaniment for the juniper body of your favourite gin. Hair and skin softly dappled by the chalk of the sea … fragrant coconut sauntering in the breeze. Close your eyes. Listen. The promise of adventure grows nearby - music, music, music. Freedom. Fantasy. A life to be loved.
Explore a resort collection unapologetic in its quest for lush scenery and the rush of spontaneity ... human desire led astray by the sun. Sexy slip dresses leave enough for the imagination and lead a focus on dresswear walking from afternoon to aperitivo with ease. Golden crotchet and sand bleached tie-dye embody a renewed sense of freedom … erotic, wild and willing to explore. A kinetic energy balanced by calm, GOTS organic cottons and simplistic oversized blouses naturally timeless for lifetime of love.