In Fall 2023, we find strength in ‘home,’ the sentiment and the space. We understand that love and home are inseparable; one is not enough without the other. It is this precious connection that we source the greatest comfort, and the confidence to be ourselves. From child to adulthood, the feeling is perpetual. The place where we rest, rise and return, time and time again.
Through healing and haptic materials, mood boosting colours and earthy textures, we manifest the meaning of home in its most complete form. Comfort and tradition are held up with respect and materialise here in relaxed silhouettes and details driving greater cost per wear. With a palette of faded neutrals, elevated basics journey home to the brand’s core, returning with a unique MAURIE AND EVE twist in 2023.
A passion for collaboration continues with New Zealand artist, WooWoo. The poetic placement of symbols and words represent the vast open sky and glowing warmth that are the human mind and heart respectively, and dance across updated Tee, bodysuit and shirt styles for now and forever.