Life’s simplicities. The beautiful things that make living so sweet … love notes – the real ones, sketched imperfectly by the soul – the mood-breaking magic of bergamot, and yet another one-off piece by the setting sun. The moment you let your intuition rise and be heard with no reservations. Acting with spontaneity. Rediscovering a lyric and its rush of nostalgia … those days are these days, and so it continues as we ride this wave called life. 

This season we seek comfort in ready-to-go pieces open to home and occasion styling. Warming knitwear feels homely yet elevated with pre-loved finishes in timeless maxi cuts and signature sets for easy day-to-night transitions. Our love for crochet continues with modesty across new, textured fabrications in earthly tones that connect us back to the Mother. Familiarity is found in traditional tie-dye techniques washed in sunburnt peach and coconut. MAURIE AND EVE’s latest collaborator, Sight Study brings whimsical illustrations to natural fibres, oversized Tees and sweaters in milky white and warming taupe. Simple, timeless, ready to be loved.