Chances are you would have marvelled over (and saved) the flawless complexions crafted by Byron-based hair and makeup artist, Phoebe Barrett (@phoebefever). She's the go-to-girl for natural beauty with a 'glimmer of shimmer' and believes true beauty starts with the soul and some serious skin-prep. With summer on the horizon, we chat the practices, products and playlists for an inside-out confidence boost. 

Below we talk practices, products and playlists for an inside-out glow boost. 

M & E: You are the queen of creating natural beauty looks with a hint of glam. What are some dos and dont's for us to consider at home when working to create a similar look?

PF: Thank you! I believe it's important to focus on skin prep - make sure you have a clean face and use nourishing products. I like to really massage my skin care in, and let it lie for a moment before make-up application. This gives skin a chance to really soak up the product. When applying make-up, start with a 'less is more' approach, it's always easier to build product up (as opposed to removing it). Cream products are a wonderful place to start when you are finding your groove. They tend to be easier to blend and build, making it an easy fix (when you've made a mistake). Make up is designed to be creative, so have fun with it and do whatever helps make you feel beautiful. 

M & E : How important is self-care and 'beauty from the inside-out' when it comes to a glowing complexion? 

PF: It is everything! Skin is our largest organ - everything you consume and how you take care of yourself on the inside will in turn affect your outside glow. I suggest incorporating a self-care ritual for your skin. Breathe deeply, find products that work for you and take your time using them. You will feel beautiful just from taking a moment to calm your energy and slow down. From a kindness perspective, the most beautiful people I have worked with always had a beautiful soul to match. It is absolutely connected, so always remember to be kind. 

M & E: Tell us some of your own self-care rituals - which could you never live without? 

PF: Surround yourself with beautiful people, that love you for you and have your best interest at heart. 
I will always check-in with my family and close friends if I feel the need to be grounded and reminded of what is important. Taking time to let your people fill your cup and vice versa is the highest form of self-care for me. I also do weekly acupuncture appointments, it is absolute magic. 

M & E: Do you incorporate supplements into your routine, and if so, what are your go-tos? 

PF: I routinely take fish oil tablets for healthy hair and skin. Magnesium to support mt nervous system and help stay centred. A probiotic to support my gut health, which basically has a knock-on effect to having a balanced mind and body. 

M & E: We believe you share our obsession with the ocean. With summer approaching, how can we best prep and treat our skin and hair as we spend more time in the salt and sun? 

PF: Hydrate, hydrate, hydrate - drink loads of water. Use natural, nourishing moisture products on both your face and body. Apply SPF every. single. day! My secret weapon throughout summer is a jar of coconut oil. I lather it on my skin, use it as a treatment in my hair and that coconutty smell always brings me back to nostalgic summertime feelings. 

M & E: Your most used make up tool?

PF: My fellow make-up artist friend has created Peeper Keeper, a re-usable silicone eye mask. As a makeup artist who is heavily focused on skin prep, these are game-changing. Easy to use, easy to clean and good for the environment. Use them in conjunction with your favourite under-eye product, this will allow more control over your final look. 

M & E: Favourite skincare products? 

PF: Oh gosh, I am a serious skin care lover and constantly have products on rotation. 
What I find myself reaching for at the moment is: 

  • Foile, Hemp oil, for a light face option 
  • Eye of Horus, Seven Seed Sacred Oil, for an oil that feels fuller 
  • I love Sunday Riley, Auto Correct eye contour cream, used with Peeper Keeper re-usable eye masks 
  • Estee Lauder, Advanced Night Repair, as a universal serum and Osmosis serum range for any concern more specific 
  • I use Tatcha, dewy skin moisture cream, often in my kit 
  • Dermaviduals, Susumoon lotion, absolute glowy skin heaven
  • Mother SPF products, Ultra Violette supreme screen and Ultra Violette sheen screen gloss, for sun protection 
  • Eleeffect tint, for best body product 

M & E: Sunrise or sunset? 

PF: I'm a bit of a moon worshipper myself, so I am going to say sunset, mainly because I like to see a moon rise. 

M & E: Playlist on repeat? 

The Queen of natural beauty with a hit of glam, @phoebefever talks, practices, products and playlists for an inside-out glow boost.

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