A rush of clarity for the mind and body, Lucrecia Rey Caro's artwork uncovers the depth of simplicity. Obsessed with the natural, the artist works with a grounding palette, organic lines and textures across mixed mediums for an enriching experience everytime. 

The hand behind our winter organic Tee installation, we talk winter rituals, stories, shape sand senses. 

M & E: You designed a beautiful print for our latest organic Tee. Talk to us about the process of collaborating with our wonderful designer Kelly? 

LRC: From the beginning, there was a sense of good energy, connection, communication and likeminded vibrations. Not just communicational and energetic, but also visual. 

M & E: What was your process from brief to final design - where did you go for inspiration and what techniques did you integrate? 

LRC: I'm inspired by nature stories, shapes and senses. For this, I mainly drew inspiration from the connection with our own feelings and nature. The peace, quality and possibility of encountering your own throughts that water, wind, earth and air allows. 

M & E: How would you describe your style of art?

LRC: There is no particular words as I believe it transmutes throughout my life and my own experiences, my senses and my way of seeing life. 

M & E: You seem to be drawn to minimalist design concepts - what is it about simplicity that appeals to you so much? 

LRC: I think Im seduced by the mystique and depth to discover in the simple. Achieving simplicity requires the passage of a very deep and travelled path beforehand. 

M & E: Why / how does your design ethos resonate with MAURIE AND EVE?

LRC: The MAURIE AND EVE vibe resonates with me very much. The way the brand conveys their collections and the connection with the natural - the shapes, the simplicity, the expression of oneself.

M & E: Your next destination? 

LRC: I leave it in the hands of the universe. If we're talking about travel, Europe this year. If we're talking about life, pursuing my vocation and mission through art. 

M & E: Favourite piece of art you own? 

LRC: I've fallen in love with several along the way, but I have a great connection with vases and what they signify. 

M & E: Playlist you listen to when creating? 

LRC: I connect a lot with classical music, frequencies and podcasts that provide new knowledge. I also really enjoy music from the 60s/70's. 

M & E: Your favourite Winter ritual? 

LRC: Tea, the warmth of my home, candles, essences, books and the preparation of my unique and special space to create. 

Our latest collaborator on simplicity, rituals, shapes and senses.

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