US-based mum of three, surfer and interior extraordinaire, Leah Bradley is everything we love in a woman. 
Mindful of earth and all its beings, and with that salty exterior, we live for, Leah believes it's cool to be kind and you can do anything you work hard at. 

Here we chat life lessons, motherhood mantras and storybooks on repeat. 

M & E - Best way to spend a summer afternoon? 

LB: Out in the water and on the board with the kids, followed by fresh fruit in the warm sun, catching that summer glow!

M & E - Favourite room in the house? 

LB: The Kitchen! We love gathering around the island and cooking up some fun meals <3 

M & E - Your go to snack for the kids? 

LB: Some cut-up apples or grapes 
Cucumbers in olive oil and lemon, sourdough bread, and some slices of cheese 

M & E - Item you never leave home without? 

LB: My tallow chapstick and water bottle!

M & E - One thing motherhood has taught you? 

LB: There is nothing more fulfilling than being present with your children. This world often begs to differ, with ongoing distractions and a demand to focus on your career. Since becoming a Mum I have realised there is nothing better than giving them your undivided attention. They are only young for such a short season, and I never want to look back and say "I wish I was more present and less distracted with things that could have waited". 

M & E - Bed time stories currently on repeat? 

LB: We love Chrysanthemum!

M & E - Next family holiday destination? 

LB: We are planning a massive road trip starting in the spring and plan to visit lots of National parks and forests - very exciting! 

M & E - Sunday afternoon playlist? 

LB: 90's country hits, starting with some George strait and Shania Twain! 

M & E - Guilty pleasure? 

LB: I can eat an entire bar of chocolate in a few minutes, lol. 

M & E - Maurie and Eve item you are currently loving? 

LB: My kids are currently loving their new soft tees. They honestly feel like butter. I personally love the linen lemon mini dress

M & E - A mantra your mum instilled in you?

LB: you can do anything you work hard at. My mum was raised to be a super strong, independent woman and really set her mind to big goals and accomplished them on her own. I think seeing her reach her goals (even as a Mum to 4 young children) made me realise that I am capable of so much. I love having my kids by my side as I pursue my dreams in design and beyond.