When it comes to carving out space and sentiment for the love of self and those nearest, no-one does it quite like our very own Kelly Davies-Green. A shift of the season can bring with it a momentary upset in ritual, flow and function, and so here, we go inside the practices, mantras and movements Kel abides by.

 1. Meditation / Breathwork

Breathwork clears stagnant energy and gets me out of my overthinking mind, this increases feelings of flow, inner peace and a deeper connection to self. Meditation is a daily practice; my teacher once told me ‘it starts with discipline and then devotion.’

2. Probiotic 

A 2-in-1 probiotic and prebiotic for whole-body health. 

Over the past decade, I have read so much about the gut-brain connection; its bidirectional relationship is fascinating; basically, our gut affects our brains, and our brain affects our gut. Our microbiome is unique to each of us. And it changes constantly. External factors like stress, diet, exercise, and even sleep can impact and alter your microbiome's composition daily. Its been 2 years of using this product, and now my husband and kids are using it too. 

3. Fresh Fruit / Empty Belly 

Eat Fruit on an empty stomach, ideally on its own. 

We digest fruit quickly, and combining it with other types of food can take longer, which can hold up the digestive process.

4. Cold Press Juice / Sipping Sunshine 

 My ultimate combination is:

4 x carrots

2 x oranges

1/4 teaspoon ground Turmeric 

Sprinkle cayenne pepper

When it comes to juice, try and stick to 1 – 3 fruits or vegetables only. Too much variety can be overwhelming for the body. Also, using fruits and vegetables with similar qualities is best for digestion, and lastly, opt for juices at room temperature.

5. Sun Gazing 

Getting sunlight in your eyes first thing in the morning is vital to your mental and physical health. 

It triggers the timed release of cortisol (a healthy cortisol level) into your system, which promotes wakefulness and the ability to focus throughout the day. It also starts a timer for the onset of melatonin, helps improve immune function, energy, and really boosts the mood.

6. Nature / Move 

When it comes to boosting mood, there is no greater source than Mother Nature. Get out, move your body and immerse yourself in her beautiful force.

7. Read

Reading improves our focus, memory, empathy and communication skills. Currently on my bedside table is ‘Lighter’ by Yung Pueblo.

8. Cooking and Music 

There is something so soulful about cooking. An outlet that stimulates every sense … touch, smell, taste, and a creative space to build your own, visual masterpiece. And this is just in the prep. Nourishing the hearts and bellies of the ones you love (including self) is the most rewarding of all. This Hummingbird cake is perfect for a long weekend bake off. The creamy top comes courtesy of the coconut, and with the addition of raw pumpkin, carrot and banana, it sits in the healthy treat category … just.

Sounded by the queen of soul herself, Erykah Badu.