Long-time friend and collaborator of MAURIE AND EVE, makeup artist and beauty entrepreneur, Ash Penfold knows her way around a face. The go-to girl for luminous skin and that classic beach babe glow, when she’s not on set, Ash is busy growing her very own empire in Base Camp Beauty. Designed to promote time with oneself while manifesting long-term rituals for real, ongoing skin health, the online destination started with the humble Gua Sha and has evolved to host a myriad of simple yet results-driven products we could all use a piece of. Here, we talk beauty rituals in a world of cosmetic enhancements, work life balance and best Byron hangouts.


M+E: Last time we spoke you had just launched Basecamp Beauty with a single Gua Sha tool. BCB is now home to a myriad of complimentary beauty tools. Tell us about these and why they were the perfect choice for the brand.

AP: We wanted to create a go-to brand that caters to self-care and ‘you’ time, ultimately making the small things feel functional but luxurious.


M+E: In a world where injectables are often the choice over considered skin health, why are external beauty practices (such as the rituals you promote) more important than ever?

AP: I think cosmetic enhancements are great but believe taking care of your skin promotes care of your whole being. It’s about the time you spend with yourself and the long-term effects/habits that will show.

M+E: Beyond the beauty benefits, is there a de-stress/mindfulness element to the tools stocked on BCB?

AP: Yes. We have curated our offering so each piece has a purpose/fosters a sense of mindfulness and self-awareness when in use. This makes everyday rituals something to look forward to.

M+E: You’re stranded on a desert island with just one BCB tool – which is it and why?

AP: The Gua Sha for the cooling effect of stainless steel alone! In addition to this, it would put me in a more relaxed state.


M+E: What have you learned about yourself as a beauty expert and businesswoman since launching the brand?

AP: A lot! Firstly, I've discovered the importance of adaptability and staying attuned to evolving beauty trends and customer preferences and keeping true to our core beliefs and messaging of self-love. This has allowed me to create products that resonate with our customers. Building a brand isn't just about products; it's about fostering relationships and trust with our customers.

M+E: You’re a busy woman! How do you ensure work-life balance?

AP: It’s a challenge, but I have great family support and I just love what I do. Base Camp Beauty really is my passion, it makes growing the brand such a pleasure.

M+EA Byron local, what are your current spots to eat, cocktail and explore?

AP: These days I’m such a homebody. I love hanging with my family and having friends over for dinner. But I do love going to Ciao Mate in Bangalow for pizza, and Light Years for delicious dumplings, cocktails and atmosphere. The best thing about Byron is just wandering around the town. In a world of online shopping, I love spending the day checking out the shops and cafes.

M+E: Song/album you love listening to on set?

AP: Music is so important on set. I have so many different playlists for different vibes. Some of my favorites are Arctic Monkeys, Lana del Rey, Julia Stone, Jungle, and Air.

M+E: Currently reading/watching?

AP: I listen to a lot of podcasts and audiobooks. At the moment I’m listening to ‘The Body Keeps The Score.’


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