Denver artist, Bailey Elder’s Instagram bio reads ‘ocean green yet cosmic blue’ – a short and sweet summation of her simple, earth-inspired works that calm and invigorate all at once. Therapeutic colour combinations, and abstract motifs that feel like a celebration of life … a simple life where the mountains meet the sea, and love and laughter are the greatest commodities of all. We chat with Bailey on her latest MAURIE AND EVE collaboration, Disco Cove, summers well spent and music on repeat.

M+E: Talk to us about your latest ‘Deep Dive’ print for MAURIE AND EVE. How does the collaboration process work, and what is it that inspired this print in particular?

BE: I think I was most inspired by natural elements and forms dancing around and with each other. The clothes have a fun vibe and the print feels like a little celebration. The collaboration was a dream with Kelly giving me the green light  to let loose and do my thing, which is really what I prefer! 

M+E: Why is it about Bailey Elder and MAURIE AND EVE that aligns so well together? What shared values do you see and build on when creating for the brand?

BE: I love that MAURIE AND EVE is holding space in the fashion industry to continue to better themselves and to work more with the earth instead of against it. Choosing to make pieces that have a lower environmental impact is definitely what the entire industry should be doing … and I love their dream, to protect our planet and function in a regenerative way (while being totally open and honest on progress). 

M+E: What three words describe your style as an artist?





M+E: How do you hope people feel when wearing the prints you create?

BE: I hope they feel the energy that I held while making it and that they feel like their best and most authentic selves.

M+E: What is your favourite piece (or pieces) from the recent DISCO COVE collection?

BE: I can’t wait to try on all of it! I am such a sucker for patterned pants … my wardrobe just consists of all pants and then 3 to 4 tops on rotation. I love all the fabric choices in this collection too - using post-consumer recyclable fabric is amazing. 

M+E: Next travel destination?

BE: Tucson, soon! We’re always traveling around the Southwest. I am currently brainstorming my next opportunity to travel internationally; I would love to make it to South America someday soon.

M+E: What in the world is currently igniting your creativity?

BE: Pushing my boundaries and continuing to dig into my psyche and style as an artist. I'm so interested in finding my edge and then, to go past it. I love looking at artists in history and how they have pushed their style / ideas throughout their career. 

M+E: Favourite scent of summer?

BE: Fires, sage, dirt and mountain air.

M+E: What does a summer weekend in Denver typically look like for you and your little family?

BE: Usually, we try to get away from the city and out into nature at least every other weekend. If we are in the city, we like to use the weekend to unwind, visit breweries, go to the farmers market, maybe catch a show if we can find a babysitter, exercise. We are still pretty fresh to this city (as we moved here in July), so there are many spots still to explore. I feel like I haven't fully connected to the art scene here, so excited for that potential. 

M+E: Playlist/artist currently on repeat?

Tonstartssbandht always. I like the Acid Memories show on NTS, and Eartheater. Every day I listen to a new genre, anything from Loretta Lynn to Glen Campbell and then to experimental, ambient music. I love it all!


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