Advocates of a slower and responsibly scented world, Felix and Fulya of German-based fragrance house, nousence are the latest artists to join the lifestyle edit online at MAURIE AND EVE. Their first fragrance eau de bohème feels like a lukewarm summer night by the sea, and marks just the beginning for this progressive power couple. 

Here, we get to know the pair and our new, favourite beauty product, eau de bohème a little better.

M+E: When did you launch, and what are the driving objectives of the brand?

F+F: We launched in summer last year after developing the vision and perfume for over a year. We wanted to produce everything locally in our hometown, in Hamburg, Germany, and in the most sustainable way, so the process required time and a lot of research.

We are shifting away from the ingredients and sourcing practices employed by traditional perfume houses, and in doing so, have combined our two passions. Felix advises large beauty corporations in the area of sustainability, and for me, it’s about another outlet for creative expression. This is how nousence came about.

M+E: Why fragrance? What draws you to the beauty category as businesspeople?

F+F: Perfumes tell stories. A scent is perceived differently by everyone and each  note evokes a different memory. Through the olfactory synergy of different scents you evoke emotions and that's what we live and love for. We want to move and inspire people with everything we do.

M+E : You are working to ‘change the perfume industry for the better.’ Talk to us about the key issues the industry presents, and how you are working to change these?

F+F: In conventional fragrances, different animal based ingredients are used (without communicating this to the end consumer). There are also many ingredients extracted from plants that are threatened with extinction. Another general problem in the beauty industry remains the  advertisement of gender stereotypes. There are women's and men's fragrances. Where is the diversity here?

Our fragrance (and all upcoming fragrances and products) are vegan and gender-neutral.

In addition, our fragrances are CITIES compliant, which means we do not use any ingredients endangering the preservation of certain plants.

Furthermore, we produce locally in Hamburg, Germany and are part of 1% for the Planet.

M+E: You currently retail one fragrance online, eau de bohème – why is this such a powerful scent – powerful enough to stand on its own in representation of Nousence?

F+F: eau de bohème is just the beginning :)

We had a fragrance idea, our first, and did not want to start the creative process for the second at the push of a button. Good things take time and we want to honour our slow living philosophy. Sustainability is also not only the baseline of our products, but how we want to grow the brand and the structures behind it. 

M+E: If eau de bohème were a song, a season and a feeling - what would it be (for each)?

F+F: A song that we are playing on repeat and embraces the ease of life (that we want to embody in our scent) is “Around the Sun” by Poolside & Amo Amo. 

If it were a season, eau de bohéme would be summer -- a lukewarm summer night. Warm and gentle.

If eau de boheme were a feeling, it would be reminiscent of a moment by the sea … the feeling of sun-kissed skin and sea salt in your hair. 

These sentiments are expressed through a fresh and light head note with bergamot and petitgrain, a warm heart note featuring black pepper and aquatic notes, and  a vibrant bohèmian base note with light cedar wood and vetiver.

M+E: Can we expect any further fragrances upcoming?

F+F: Yes! Currently in production, our second fragrance is  inspired by the vibrant scent, desert and colours of  the oriental region. 

M+E: You are now stocked on MAURIE AND EVE! Why do you feel the brands are well aligned – what ethos do they share?

F+F: We have so much in common and can wholeheartedly  identify with the brand’s vision and values. Both from an aesthetic and sustainable point of view.

We also share many inspirations and the philosophy for a slower  life. We love how Kelly motivates MAURIE AND EVE - and vice versa. I feel the same with nousence. 

M+E: What piece(s) are you currently loving from MAURIE AND EVE?

F+F: The Love and Stars pieces in Creme and Olive, and the These Days Shirt and Pant which matches perfectly with the texture and aesthetics of eau de bohéme. 

M+E: Song/album on repeat at Nousence?

F+F: Seaside the Kooks

M+E: What are you currently reading?

FR: “Quite“ The Power of Introverts in a World That Can't Stop Talking

M+E: A woman you look up to?


Fulya: I think there are an incredible number of great women who inspire me in a wide variety of areas.

For me personally, it’s important that I treat myself consciously and lovingly and do not build pressure at any level.,because that's how you lose creativity. 

Felix: I am in pure awe of how Fulya is realising her dreams with so much passion and overcomes any obstacle - always with a smile on her face. Another strong woman I deeply respect is our foreign minister Annalena Baerbock. She is instigating change in the face of (largely) archaic white men. Breaking these old structures of power and advocating for the rights of the not so privileged takes courage and endurance.