Holly Chippindale is an Australian photographer living the life of dreams. Based in Bali, she travels the world making magic with the texture and feeling of film, capturing moments that make memories across some of Earth’s most beautiful coves, cliffs, and coastal towns. Behind the lens for our most recent On the Mesa campaign, we chat plane rides, island living and her favourite places to be.

M+E: You live in Bali! What is it about the island that makes you want to call it home?

HC: It’s been home for 6.5 years, and I couldn’t imagine living anywhere else. There’s this frequency people operate on that is just so inspiring. Creativity flourishes all around you, and there’s a respect for living more off beat. My community of friends and family here all work extremely hard, but we prioritise play, adventure, and self-care equally. I feel very fortunate to have set up roots in Bali, and to call this country home - for the nature and landscape, the culture and people, and the balanced life it allows us to live.

M+E: You photograph primarily on film – what is it about the texture and process of film that you appreciate so much, how does it change an outcome for you – what is so special about it?

HC: I think it’s a mixture of both (texture and process) to be honest. I have zero patience in my day-to-day life (it’s something I’m working on haha!) but with film, the process of selecting your number of exposures, sending them to the lab and awaiting their return makes the final imagery so special. I truly love the grain film presents and how it can transport you to another moment time. 

M+E: You recently shot the MAURIE AND EVE On the Mesa campaign in Puglia – what was your highlight, and where were your top places to catch some sun on the island?

HC: Yes! It was such a beautiful campaign to bring to life with Ruben & Charlie. It truly felt like three friends on holiday, which was a nice feeling. Hands down, my favourite cove was Lido Cala Paura. This cove boasted the classic umbrella lounger set up on one side, border lined by sun seekers lounging on the rocks and stairways - a quintessential summer spot. There was such a vibrancy and sense of happiness there, truly magic. 

M+E: Your favourite destination this year and why?

HC: Ravello, Italy. It had this slow feeling to it and being pre-summer (May), the whole area was incredibly peaceful and scenic. It’s an area I want to take my mum and perch up for the week - cooking, reading, and swimming in the Mediterranean. 

M+E: How many planes have you caught this year; do you think …?

HC: Good question! Off the top of my head, I can count 20 flights this year between Indonesia, Australia, Thailand, Italy, Spain and Morocco. I’m an advocate for points as the easiest travel hack a frequent flyer can have - so will always fly with Qatar/OneWorld where I can.   

M+E: The best thing about travel is …?

HC: The inevitable ear-to-ear smile upon taking in that first glimpse of a new location or place you have been dreaming of. The pure excitement you have from experiencing a new place. There’s nothing quite like it. 

M+E: Sunrise or sunset?

HC: I love my sunset coconut or beer combination. The perfect way to wind down a busy day. 

M+E: Your favourite piece from the On the Mesa campaign?

HC: I adore the oversized printed linen shirt. Easy to layer over swim with matching shorts, or pair with the crochet pants and my favourite Anni Lu necklace for a daytime drink at the bar. 

M+E: Can you please share your ultimate travel playlist?

HC: A playlist with Alt J & Beirut is my go-to on the road. 

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