It’s all about balance they say, and what is a work trip without a few good times and spicy margaritas thrown in? Having just travelled through Tulum for our recent campaigns, Disco Cove and Sun Spun, Creative Developer, Lauren King and Product Developer/Design Assistant, Tili Mullen Selby share their insights on where to sip, dine and dance in the Mexican paradise.

TILI MULLEN SELLBY | Product Developer/Design Assistant | @tilimullenselby

Best margarita? Ice cold spicy marg💥

Best Taco? Can’t go wrong with a fresh prawn taco ~ the best one was enjoyed on set at Libuela, Tulum.

Favourite item purchased? Vintage velvet flare pants from Honesta Vintage … or our first margarita after a long, hot day onset for Sun Spun.

Spanish word/phrase you took home? Chickaaas! All my friends are now referred to as ‘chickas’.

How many times did you get lost? More than I care to admit! I’ll take the blame for this being the designated navigator.

Moment you’ll never forget: When we were driving into Valladolid … the colours and vibrant energy of the town was like nothing I’ve ever experienced.

LAUREN KING | Creative Developer | @lkinga

Best food experience? Arca, Tulum. The Roasted Bone Marrow and Soft Shell Crab are etched into my memory.

Best margarita? The mezcal margarita served by Jose at Libuela Tulum.

Best night out? Funk House Disco Night in town – very fun, very late.

Spanish word/phrase you took home? Una mas, “one more.”

Best shopping? Honesta Vintage… got myself some nice Spanish clogs.

Best memory: Impossible to pinpoint one … I would say all the characters we met, and my discovery that Tili is the ultimate wing woman.

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